Saturday, 2 October 2010

Up, Down, and whichever other direction the music pulls you..

21 days since I last blogged. Gettin better. It used to be months...

The Weston-Super-Mare gig was rubbish. The set was pure filth (good filth - angry filth) - the audience, however - a disaster! Should have thought twice before stepping on stage after an RnB act that pranced up and down the stage beckoning an audience of pre-pubescent kids to 'Make some noooooiiiiiseeee' whilst miming over a backing track. I guess hard disks and laptops are lighter than amps or drumkits...but playing a CD would've probably been cheaper.

We were a rock band booked at a 'street dance festival'. Sick blud!

To top things off it was freezing and we were 'headlining' which meant that it was not only cold, but dark and windy and we ended up providing the most epic exit music to a dwindling crowd of kids and guardians. It does a lot for your ego to watch the audience clear off by the second tune. Nonethless, one of our new tunes, 'Chemicals', had me on my knees turning the 'repeats' and 'tempo' knob on my delay pedal on full and playing one note continously while glaring at some poor little kid in the audience who dared to hang around for the set - a trance-like state cut short only by Howey putting his foot through the bass drum skin resulting in us having to rush through the last number and clear off stage, pile into the Hyundai and head on home.

I pretty much sighed all the way home in Chris' wonderful Volkswagen Golf and subsequently drowned the experience out of my system with 4 Rockschools at the Wine Vaults.

We did a polar opposite gig at Priston Village Fete a week later to an attentive audience while we stepped out of our comfort zone and played an acoustic set...went down great. People were lovely. The day was lovely. The distance to Bath was negligible. I was a happy little Indian.

Which brings us more or less up to date methinks.

I have a new album's worth of songs. It's great. 3 years of writer's block dissolved in 3 weeks, and replaced by 11 brand spanking new tracks. Thursday and Friday saw us do a set entirely comprising new material - it was scary and weird as there was nothing old or comfortable to hide behind. Mr Wolf's in Bristol was a pretty quiet gig which suited me fairly well considering the set was still so fragile. The less ears the better when you're doing set with your eyes closed and your ears pricked for clues from the band as to where we are and what we're doing.

Moles last night was absolutely kicking on the other hand. Like giving birth for the second time around - we were more confident with the new tunes. The audience turn-out was spectacular as well - the vibe on stage was electric in every sense of the word. Stumbled into the house at 3am and woke up at 9am and watched Beverly Hills Cop 3.

I'm feeling that kind of feeling you have after running just that little bit longer than your body wanted to. I'm exhausted. These new songs fill me with hope, excitement and dread all at the same time and life has never felt more tiring and intruiging than it does now. We're teetering on the edge of something/nothing/everything/noise.

Love you dearly for reading this far.

Excuse the waffle. Brevity was never a friend of mine.

Nicky xx